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Transportation Management Software

Dispatch / Invoicing / Accounting

With over 25 years of in transportation software, we have a suite of products to ensure you have the right solution for your growing transporation corporation

TAS Dispatching and Accounting Software


Dispatch software specifically designed to provide bulk carriers with the tools they need to ensure efficient workflow.

Trucking Accounting Solution (TAS) allows you to manage every aspect of your bulk transportation business from truck, trailer, driver, and client maintenance, to dispatch, invoicing and accounting.

Powerful and easy to use, TAS creates dispatches in seconds while utilizing our automatic trailer compartment loading system. This system uses pre-configured volume/weight maximization data to fit the optimum quantity on the trailer without the danger of overloading.

Invoicing is performed quickly and easily using the source dispatch information. These invoices can then be synchronized with your accounting software to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Tas uses an integrated color-coding system to display posted, loaded, and completed dispatches and invoices. Within seconds you'll know the status of each order in the list.

TAS will cut your dispatch time, reduces errors, and provides real-time information to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

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