Designed for Canadian agriculture.



Camera System Brings You Super HD Image and up to 100ft Night Vision Video Monitoring.

Why Choose AgExpert?

AgExpert Accounting

Designed for Canadian farm businesses just like yours.

AgExpert Field

Analyze your data. Plan your strategy. Track your performance.

AgExpert Analyst

Desktop Platform Software that works for all types of agricultural producers.

Field Manager PRO/360

Use it to create reports, quickly compare crop scenarios, and look at field history.

Why Choose Tremb?

  • AgExpert Certified Adviser
  • Provides Personal Relationship.
  • Offers On-Site Service Packages.
  • Delivers a one-on-one Process.
  • Direct Support Line.
  • Will Manage your Technical Needs.

On site Training & Setup

  • Software Installation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Computer Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Network Deployment & Cabling
  • Security Camera System
  • WIFI Extender
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On site Packages

Daily rates available

On Site Services and Setup
  • Assessment of your Tech Issues.
  • Provide Required Hardware.
  • Training Options.

Latest News

What is Customer Service?

posted on May 6, 2022

80 percent of customers say they’re more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

Customer service jobs can be tough during normal times, but the pandemic has made things even harder. Over the past year, customer support agents have been dutifully fielding a sky-high number of queries from customers worried about canceled flights, ambiguous insurance conditions, delayed packages, and other urgent and emotionally-loaded issues. Customer engagement has reached record highs all while service representatives have been adjusting to longer hours, new technologies and that is why Tremb offers On Site Services.

Enduring Strategy

posted on April 7, 2022

Covid has brought on more headache.   But this could be an opportunity for you to review your business management procedures, to review how you use of your resources, while inspiring family members, partners and employees.

Great ideas were born from crisis…

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