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Satellite Communication & Applications

Built to perform optimally in the harshest environments

When always on communications is not an option. No matter if you require mobile broadband, voice and data communication, or even low cost push to talk for your fleet, we have the solution for you.


Our History

At Tremb Services Ltd. we provide superior services to trucking companies across Canada, which include:

  • GPS Tracking and Messaging
  • Asset Tracking
  • Personal Tracking
  • Bulk Inventory Management

Tremb Services Ltd. started in 1988 providing dispatch and invoicing software to small trucking companies. Over the years as the software became more complex and refined, the typical customer grew larger and larger, and Tremb added Bulk Inventory Management and Accounting Software to its list of products. In an effort to bring our vision of software development to the networking services, Tremb decided to expand into computers and networking to bring a level of stability back to our client's networks. In 2003 it became evident to us that the future of trucking would be using "GPS Technology" as an important tool to manage all aspects of their transportation needs. After extensive research and analysis, development began in order to introduce our first line of GPS products. We integrated an Electronic Driver Log to satisfy both the Canadian and US Drivers, using the hours of service logging requirements. Product development continues as we strive to maintain our industry leading position; we aim to be the first to introduce a cost-effective GPS fleet management product with in-truck mapping and routing. This will be like marrying your GPS unit with the communication and engine management capability similar to On-Star, with the "big-brother" capability of knowing where all of your remote equipment is at any time.